Clickers in Spring 2015

Turningpoint 5.3

All Technology Classrooms include TurningPoint 5.3.1 on the classroom computers. Instructors should also download the newest version — for PC and Mac — from the Turning Technologies website on your own computer in order to create and edit question slides.

ResponseWare 2.0

ResponseWare is the mobile device add-in for use with TurningPoint polling. Last summer, students and faculty who have ResponseWare accounts were prompted to create a new and more secure password when they log in to their accounts. More detailed directions can be found in these "ResponseWare 2.0 Migration" directions. Directions for students purchasing ResponseWare for Spring 2015 can be found at this link: ResponseWare Guide for UMD Students.

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Be sure to include the "Turning Technologies RF-LCD" along with the list of textbooks your students will need to pick up from the campus book store.

Note: Please direct your students to register their clickers at the Clicker Registration Site. (Directions for students are below on this page. Feel free to copy and paste this information into your ELMS course space or as a message to your students.)

Click on the Faculty link to the left for more information and updated user guides. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a time to meet with someone to learn more about using clickers, please click on the Contact Us link to the left or email us a


If you are purchasing a new ResponseWare license for Spring 2015, please read the ResponseWare Guide for UMD Students.

If you have registered your clicker since Fall 2013, you do not need to register it again. If you did not have a registered clicker since Fall 2013, please follow these simple steps to register your device (for both clickers and ResponseWare users):

1. Click here to go to the Registration site.

2. Click on the "Register Your Clicker" button (to register both clickers and ResponseWare licenses).

3. When prompted, log in to ELMS as you normally do, using your Directory ID and password.

4. If you are prompted with a Security Warning, click "Continue."

5. Enter your clicker ID or your ResponseWare license device ID.

6. Enter the security code, displayed, and then click "Register Device."

And that's it!

For more information, please click on "Student FAQs" in the Students section to the left.