Getting Started - Students

Steps for Using Clickers:

1. Choose which clicker response device you will use. There are two options, depending on your instructor's directions:

  • a clicker keypad device (purchase from Bookstore or from TurningTechnologies online)
  • a web-enabled device (e.g., your iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, laptop, etc)

2. Learn how to use your device. Answers to many common questions about clickers can be found at the Student section of this web site. You'll also find user guides and more at the Turning Technologies web site.

3. Register your device. In order to get credit for your responses, you'll need to register your device using your Directory ID. Simply click on the Registration link under the Student section in the lefthand menu, and enter your information.

4. Check your grades once the semester has begun. If your instructor is giving credit for clicker responses, the best way to be sure that your clicker is working properly is to check your clicker points in ELMS. If you have any questions, use the Contact Us form in the lefthand menu and we'll doublecheck your clicker registration for you.

Choosing the Right Device

If you own a web-enabled device, your instructor may allow you to use it as a "clicker" after purchasing a ResponseWare license. Otherwise, you can purchase a clicker keypad from the bookstore or online. Purchasing and use instructions are provided below:

RF LCD clicker


ImportantNEVER SHARE your clicker with another student, as this will cause inconsistencies with the participant list resulting in your response not being recorded.

  1. Follow the "Buy a clicker" instructions here
  2. Learn to use your keypad: RF-LCD (newer) or RF (older) models instructions
  3. Register your clicker keypad: Click here to go to the Registration site.

For more information see the user guides at the bottom of this page.

Web-Enabled Mobile Devices:

(iPhone/iTouch, Android, Blackberry, laptop, etc.)

IMPORTANT: For this option to work, your instructor must log in to ReponseWare at the beginning of the presentation and provide you with a Session ID. Please confirm with your instructor that he or she plans to do this. Otherwise, you will need an RF-LCD model clicker keypad (above).

  • Compatible devices include personal mobile devices that can access the Internet, such as an iPhone/iTouch, Blackberry, Android smartphone, Windows mobile device, or a laptop or tablet.

  • Requirements: A ResponseWare license (see below) and Internet connection.
  1. Learn how to purchase and register a ResponseWare license here: ResponseWare PDF guideWeb devices
  2. Review the Turning Technologies ResponseWare Student FAQ document.
  3. A ResponseWare app is available for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Visit your app store and search for the ResponseWare app and install it on your device. If you wish to use your laptop, your will still need to purchase a license and register, and then simply use your web browser and go to in class.
  4. Register your ResponseWare device ID (8 digit ID): After you set up your account and purchase the ResponseWare license you will receive an 8 digit Device ID. You will need to register this Device ID so that you get credit for your responses in class. Click here to go to the Registration site.

For more information see the user guides below.

User Guides: